I began this website in December of 2013. I had one previously hosted at Google. I know that many of you that visit this site frequently (Thank you!) have witnessed a lot of changes and I'd like to announce that another one is about to take place soon. I am closing my online store and importing my Esty Store to this site. I'm not really fond of the way Stripe holds your money hostage and my NEW business investor & partner made stipulations in order for me to receive funding for my logo shirts. It all revolved about banking, Paypal & Stripe which I am forced to use to have my online store. It was all fixed last night. I wasn't happy at first but later realized how much sense it made. It will be a lot of work moving everything but you have to do.... what you have to do! It doesn't cost me anything to import my Esty store but I do pay to have an online store on this site so in the end it will save me money. On top of importing the store the website is about to get a makeover with a sleeker look & each page will be capable of having it OWN header. I'm not looking forward to doing the upgrade but it will look much better when  it's complete. It will take awhile to achieve the vision I have for my site because I do this alone (manage the site) on top of a million other things everyday. I do the best I can & I'm okay with that...I know that all good things take time. It's not like I hired a group of Pros to manage my site, all the SEO stuff and post articles for me. Running a website takes A LOT of time & I'm spread thin so thanks for sticking with and being a part of this adventure! I know you will like the changes...