Green Thumb Girls Logo Shirts- At Last!

It's happening! I am meeting with my friend that owns a screen printing company & his partner (who designed my awesome logo) to decide on the color, type of shirts so I can get them produced at last! After conferring with my better half it has been decided that the Green Thumb Girls with remain. Girls That Grow will be added to the back of the shirt. They will be tee-shirts, not tanks for now. I am just using this tank below as an example. I'm not sure if I want the logo big on the front as shown or smaller and on the upper corner of the shirt... decisions... decisions! 

Samples-  Not the actual shirts! 

I'm so excited to finally order my logo shirts! 

Just testing out different colors... see how it looks, what looks best. 

I plan on having the following items as well in the near future & then some...

GTG Coffee Mug
Size Options
Please chose what size you would like so I can have an idea of what I need before I place the order for them : )