Soap Insanity

I have been working diligently on getting all of my hand-made soaps listed in the Shoppe. It is not a fast process & it's not complete because I have all of my non-cannabis leaf type soaps to list. 

The process goes like this....

  1. Take Photos of Items
  2. Weigh & measure  each item
  3. Decide what box it needs to go in
  4. Upload pics to Macbook
  5. Flag & Edit if needed
  6. Upload pics into appropriate places 
  7. Configure necessary tabs for listing
  8. Describe item
  9. Take a big bong hit or 2 or 3 
  10. Save & Publish

Its time consuming more than frustrating. I'm not used to sitting and staring at a computer screen as much as I used to be. I have a lot less computer projects at work at the moment so I have been utilizing my iPhone more than my MB.