CBD Only Legalization

This was a great comment & I just had to share. I found it at the link below (Leafly) 


The only exception I take with this article is the bit that says the FDA seem to agree (about cannabis as medicine). Though they support the trial of CBD rich cannabis extract in the form of a patented drug, they do not support unpatented versions and they do not support legalisation of cannabis for medical use, outside of patented drugs, and they do not allow people access to this life saving medicine. People dismiss conspiracy theories about the agendas involved in denying people their right to this safe and natural medicine, but the shameful and blatant hypocrisy of the FDA, DEA and all governments position on cannabis is there for all to see. People have been asking for trials for cannabis medicines for decades, and claimed that the inability to patent cannabis has been one of the main reasons why this medicine has been held back, in other words people are suffering to protect profits. And time has shown that, rather than being some unfounded conspiracy theory, such claims are actually right on the money (excuse the pun) as all of a sudden they found a way to patent cannabis medicines, and now all of a sudden the necessary trials are going ahead. The same thing is happening with cannabis as a cancer treatment. Cannabis oil is illegal, through out most of the world, despite the abundance of evidence for it as a cancer treatment. But GW Pharmaceuticals file patent for cannabis as a cancer treatment, 20130059018, and make a patented cannabis drug, Sativex, and all of a sudden a trial is approved for it as a cancer treatment. Their epilepsy drug Epidiliox, which is what the FDA has approved trials for, is nothing more than high CBD cannabis oil, but some how they've managed to patent this, and now that the exclusive rights to profit from it have been established it can become an approved medicine. While it is great to see cannabis medicine finally become recognised and start to become available in any form, the way it has been done, with people continually criminalised for using it and unpatented cannabis medicines still prohibited is disgusting beyond description. Do the FDA have to answer for the lies they have perpetrated about cannabis medicine, now that they are conceding medical value to it. Do the US government have to answer for the contradiction of outlawing cannabis as a schedule 1 substance, denying any medicinal value to it, while they hold patents for some of the medical uses, (patent 6630507). Do any of the government, medical authorities and cancer societies have to answer for the blatant blood on their hands from their obvious deception and their suppression of cannabis medicine? Why should the same government bodies who have denied sick and dying people this life saving medicine, often criminalising many of them, now be allowed to profit from it's use? Now that their own words and actions prove them to be outright liars, why is none of the people responsible made to answer for their crimes? Even now, cannabis is prohibited and governments, including the US, are still prosecuting people for using or growing this safe, natural and effective medicine. How much more absurdities must we witness before we see medical professional, doctors and scientists stand up for the truth about this plant? How much more blatant does the corruption have to be for people to unite against it. Cannabis is demonised because governments have been allowed to outright lie, not just bend or supress the truth, but outright lie. What about the government doctors and scientists who have been complicent in promoting lies about cannabis medicine? How can these authorities get away with such behaviour? Will there ever be a time when justice is done? Will there ever be a time when this medicine is free and properly utilised for the good of the people instead of only for the profits of corporations. It is not about conspiracy theories, it is about the undeniable reality of the world as it currently is. Money rules, profits rule and truth, justice and the good of the people is not even an after thought for the scum in charge. It is way past time people got together, cut through the BS and demanded this medicine is freed immediately and all of the authorities guilty of lying to suppress this medicine should be made to pay for the suffering they have caused.

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