Dating 101 Red Flags: I Learned The Hard Way...


If a man doesn't respect and get along with his Mother then don't expect him to be capable of getting along with you. It took me years of observation to come up with that conclusion. I wish I had read an article  like this..  Red flags. Warning. Danger. Danger. Danger…when I was in my 20's. Granted there are exceptions in cases of abuse etc. but if a man doesn't respect his Mother chances are he might not respect women in general. Find a man that HONORS his Mother and the odds are in your favor that he will honor you. I know from experience and I am with a man who has the utmost respect & a great relationship with his Mother. Another red flag is a "man" that refers to women as hoes, bitches etc He. does NOT respect women & in my opinion men that call women that are low on the pole, bottom of the barrel and you need to avoid them at all costs unless you like a good beating once in awhile... I'm not saying all men that call women that are abusers but the characteristics of an abuser are.

I recommend finding out as soon as possible what kind of relationship he has with his Mom. He talks shit about her.... he'll talk shit to you. It won't take long before you have an idea if he's a keeper or if you should... DUMP THAT CHUMP!

Happy Dating & Good luck! Hit me up if you need any advise or someone to vent to. I have a great deal of insight in the area....

xx Sam



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