That Spiral

This is spot on and something I have been experiencing lately. 

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Sometimes it takes a few lessons for me to learn. I need to stop putting people on pedestals! I am as worthy as they are!

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Dysfunction In American: The Stats

Normal families? In America?


Your house?

Statistics show that 96% of families in the USA are dysfunctional. The other 4% must be in recovery....

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Shame And Narcissists

I came across his You Tube channel yesterday. He has some great videos. I like him and subscribed.  

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Made For Addiction: Candy Crush

I personally never got into any online or offline gaming except for a period when I didn't have much going on in my life and needed to eascape or self-soothe for whatever reason. I came across this video that talks about how developers develop games to be addictive & thought I'd share it for those with  partners, kids etc. that have a addiction to Candy Crush and other games like it. 

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Highly Sensitive People Are Attracted To Narcissists

This is a very good podcast episode from the Highly Sensitive Person's You Tube Channel. I recently learned that I am an HSP and have been doing research on it, that's how I came across their channel. There is a lot of info that I found to be quite enlightening for me and perhaps for you too. Enjoy! 

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Women's Fashion 15% OFF Sitewide


We're doing it right. We know we are together not only because we love each other but to resolve our childhood wounds. Most American's concept of love is tainted by shut like the movies. They present it in a idealized fashion. More on that in a future post. 

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The Parentified Child

‘Adultification’ of a child by a parent entails that parent inappropriately assigning the child an adult role within the family that s/he is too young, and too developmentally immature, to take on or cope with.

It may involve the parent treating the child like an adult friend, a partner, a confidante or, as happened in my own case, a kind of personal counsellor/therapist (even before I was a teenager, my mother referred to me as her ‘Little Psychiatrist’, amongst other, somewhat less complimentary, things, as I have written about elsewhere on this site).

The child may be ‘adultified’ in such a way even when the parent has access to more appropriate means of emotional support such as close friends or adult family members; however, the phenomenon is especially likely to occur if a parent has recently divorced or separated. In such a situation, for example, the newly single mother may start to use her son (for it is more frequently a son than daughter in such cases, according to research) for psychological and emotional support; if her recent separation has not been amicable there is often a danger that she may enlist her son as an ‘ally’ against this other parent, perhaps destroying the father-son relationship. 


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The Ten Benefits Of Emotional Brokeness

Counter-dependency is brought up at the beginning of this video and something many people aren't aware that it is a thing. This is a good video for men as men are more prone to  counter-dependency vs. codependency. 


Video by Mark Smith from Family Tree Counseling on YouTube. Their channel is one of my favorites.

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