Recognizing, Controlling and Preventing Powdery Mildew

  I came across this informative article on the evil aids of cannabis, powdery mildew. • View topic - Recognizing, Controlling and Preventing Powdery Mildew

Don't let it fool ya'! Looks like some frosty sugar leaves right?
WRONG! That's what I thought it was at first when there was an epidemic here.

I'm glad I caught mine before it got this out of control.
Good thing I was scoping out trichs at the time. I caught it a week
before harvest!

It Will Bite You In The Ass, One Way Or Another

Want a less stressful & successful run (crop)?


I learned this lesson my 3rd run. Work, school & too many plants became an issue. Having too much going on when you are  growing not only stresses you out it will also make your garden more susceptible to pests and diseases due to lack of attention & TLC!

If you get burnt out, which happens to me, then slow down, grow enough to cover yourself for awhile & take a break! 


1. hard work
2. time consuming
3. frustrating
But oh, so rewarding & fun, not to mention relaxing!
Grow it good & Keep it lit 🔥