Curing: What Does Curing Do?

    You've spent countless hours & invested money in your garden. It's all been cut down. What do YOU do? Smoke it right right or let it cure? I know the importance of curing, it's a pretty important step, many skip. Skipping a proper cure is NOT doing your smoke justice. Curing makes it smoother, brings out the lovely aroma & taste and affects potency. Here's a simple yet decent article I found on curing if you'd like more info:
     I cure my cannabis in a cool (40 degrees) and dark spot. Currently that is the refrigerator. In the winter I have a spot that keeps my curing buds at the desired temp. I prefer that spot over the fridge cos' it gets congested & takes up a lot of space in there.

Wide Mouth Jar Sealer

My thoughtful man bought this get- up last week. I'm using it to seal my jars for curing. 

Photo below is the vacuum to suck the air out of the jar. 

Only good for wide mouth jars. I screwed up and was doing it wrong at first, I tried sucking the air out with the sealer ring ON. Oops! It won't work with the sealer ring on. Doh. Live & learn! 

When you open the jar after it's been sealed it really pops! 
We're also using it to seal greens for salads in jars to stay fresher longer.