WINNER: Raccafarian

Ali's first grow. Nice looking lady in veg.

New Life

Two beautiful flowers
I would like to welcome Ali to the wonderful world (well, most of the time) of 
growing. This is her first grow and I commend her for her effort.
 She has what it takes to become a green thumb grower;  passion, patience, common sense and dedication. She's not afraid of hard work either, in fact she enjoys it and welcomes a challenge.
I'm sure many of you reading this wonder where the pics are of some big frosty kolas. Well, I chose Ali for a whole other reason... Take a look....

Photo Gallery: Ali's Edible Medibles
Danny Brown Cake Pop
Amy Winehouse  Medicated Cake Pop

Pretty variety Of Medible Cake Pops. They're works of art.

She makes her own canna butter
Easter Non- Medicated Cake Pops.

Magic Oreo Cream Cheese Brownies

So cute!
Banana Bread Variety Pack

Swirly Frosted Cupcakes

really love these medicated owl cake pops.
Ali is from the East Coast and recently graduated from culinary school. She must have received all A's because the photos of her work gave me the munchies just looking at them.
     Ali is a part of the growing number of female entrepreneurs that want to make a career in the booming medical marijuana business either full or part time. Many women are supplementing their regular income making and distributing their homemade medical marijuana goods, acting as caregivers,
     I was really impressed with Ali's creative medibles. I also like the fact that she keeps it classy when presenting her products to the world. You don't see her posing in a bikini top licking the cherry on top of a cupcake she created. Too many business owners in the medical/legal cannabis industry are following suit with main stream media by exploiting women in  their advertising.
This site is Green Thumb Girls not 420 Bunnies. If we want others to take our cause to legalize seriously then we need to rep with class and intelligence. We should demonstrate to others that don't support the legal or medicinal use of cannabis that we are not unmotivated bimbos and burn outs.
More of Ali's amazing creations


Looks like she has some nice chunky buds there! Impressive!
The strain is Pineapple. Looks like it son't be long before she's having a trim party!

Mary's Greenhouse probably smells just heavenly. I'm interested in learning more from her about growing in a greenhouse...

This is her 2nd win and I'd like to thank her for entering by using the # greenthumbgirls on her Insatgram account. I appreciate her gracious support and she might just get TWO pages in the GIRLS THAT GROW 2014 Calendar!  Getting your winning photo chosen to be featured in a calendar is part of the contest perks. There are also other little "token" gifts for those that participate! Those will be available this Thursday and I post what they are as soon as I can. Keep those pics coming Ladies! I love them all! Thanks so much!  -gtg-


Brittany B. 
Beautiful! Grape Ape

Two flowers. Look at all that dankness behind her. So lovely. 

Two GREEN THUMBS up! What a amazing garden!
Not easy to maintain as we all know & her other half,  Aaron appreciates her thumbs! 

Eight Grams of bliss.

She loves rock, fossils, crystals and nature.

Happy In Love

Meditation Station
Brittany just recently turned twenty-one. Whooo Hooo! She is a down-to-earth cannabis enthusiast & activist from the great state of Colorado. She has a variety of interests; bowling, meditation, Chakra, concerts, white water rafting & camping.  She has a deep connection to Mother Earth and her kind, friendly spirit reflects that  wonderfully.

Congratulations Brittany! 


 I'm blown away again after looking at yesterday's winners' pics.The Grow Girls plants had my heart pounding, you know, that feeling when you're looking at your super dank buds and tripping out over how amazing they look. 
Pot Shot Of The Day Winner
    I'm blown away again after looking at yesterday's winning pics. Her plants had my heart pounding, you know that feeling when your looking at your super dank buds tripping at how amazing they look. Her outdoor grow, wow, spectacular! Her work = Perfection and Professional

Here's the winning photo
Strain: Mendo Purp x Orange Crush
 Her mentor had, "an awesome Mendo county deep woods teacher that has been growing this strain for years.
How sweet it is! I told her she has TWO green thumbs! 

All her pics look as good as pics
in rags like Skunk Mag/HighTimes!
About The Grower: Cali Marie
     Just like Marin (Mary) the winner of the very 
1st DPS AWARD, Cali has been around growing since she was in her youth and it shows! 
    She always had a passion to grow and she was given the opportunity to do so by her mentor (to whom she is very grateful for) who taught her what he knows (a lot obviously) and Im sure taught him a thing or two too ; ) It looks like it parred out well for her. Her work is award winning in my opinion and I'm sure you would agree also. 
     When not tending to her garden, Cali Marie loves spending time with her daughter, photography, and chill time since she doesn't have a lot of spare time which ALL of us female growers can relate to! She also enjoys cooking and time spent with her special someone. 
I want to thank Cali for letting me share her beautiful garden. If you want to see more pics you can check them out here Cali's Photos 
You wont be disappointed! 

Pot Shot Of The Day: DetroitStonerChick

The GTG Pot Shot Winner:
 DetroitStonerChick (Instagram)


Strain Critical Mass
Looking nice & frosty! 
Strain: Critical Mass

Bio: DSC is a Mother, medical student and cannabis activist.  She is a sports fan, enjoys going to concerts (ZZTop) and loves spending time in her outdoor garden in the summer.
 I don't have any info on how long she's been growing etc. except that she has good help with her effort. I always stress the importance of having a good mentor.
She definitely has a green thumb and deserves a special shoutout for her dank results!

Today's DAILY POT SHOT AWARD recipient

    Today's Green Thumb Girls Pot Shot Award goes to (insert drum roll please).......
Marin0420 (on InstaGram) for this amazing close-up of one of her award winning well- maintained plants. I thought it was perfect for the first Green Thumb Girls Daily Pot Shot Award. My eyes  grew big and I drooled a little when I first saw her photo. It takes a lot to impress me, great work Marin! Keep it lit! 

The winning photo 
 A word about the cultivator: 
   Free- spirited, country girl "Marin" obviously has a very green thumb! She has been growing for four years now but I can tell she has been growing other things before medical cannabis. I've discovered that women who enjoy growing flowers and/or fresh produce are now using their know-how (mad skills) in cultivating some beautiful danky, stanky smoke!
    She is a sponge when it comes to learning more about this wondrous healing herb we call cannabis and Marin thoroughly enjoys sharing that knowledge with other open- minded growers like herself.
    Marin is a medical marijuana patient and a caregiver. She grows in a GREEN HOUSE (10 x12) and her thirsty 5 foot tall plants get a variety of organic and  hydroponic nutrients. She has a degree in Biology. When Marin finished with school she gained employment working for a couple of companies that had greenhouses.
    She is now working as a fitness instructor and looks in great shape herself! The fact that she enjoys helping others reflects a strong value in Marin's character which I sincerely appreciate.
She has the glow of the grow! 

   Winners will also receive a cool token of my appreciation if they so chose. The "tokens" are not currently available but I will keep track of all the winners so when the "tokens" are in my possession I can distribute them with pleasure.
Note:They are legal and not drug related. 

I want to give a special thank you to Marin0420 for sharing her eye candy with us and the info so I could write her bio.