Tip From Melvanetics

In the future, you may want to sow your seed direct to your grow medium in 1/2 pint azalea cups. The paper towel method is really for making sure the seed is viable before you put them in the medium. Which, planting and waiting 3-5 days will also tell you. When the seed germs it does a twisting motion that causes the tap to anchor to the soil, allowing for the upward push that exposes the seed cap to air and allows for the opening of the colydons. Sprouted in a paper towel then planted, the root has to reach and then anchor, causing for a weaker start. In some cases they become "confused" and push root up, seed cap down. So, yes, in a paper towel you know you have viable seed, but waiting 3 days for them to break the soil line will give you a healthier start. Sorry to ramble. on Grow Journal