Winning photo by Nikki

Beautiful Fat Bud Of Blueberry Kush

Lemon Kush

Purple Papa Kush after a freezing night

Looks like Nikki could use a personalized jar! 

Her beloved buddy, Sid Vicious in Rikki"s Green Thumb Garden

The except below is from Nikki's Instagram It was just too sweet not to include. I really admire the deep love, honor and devotion Nikki shows for her late Father. It really touched my heart and made my eyes well up with tears....
"Batch número uno. Lemon Papa Kush. All buds will have "papa" in it in loving memory of my Dad because they were all his seeds. He would be one proud father!"

Two healthy females! 

Nikki's Day Of The Dead Halloween Costume/Make-up was way too cool to not post!
I love it

BIO:  Nikki is from the beautiful Catskill Mountain area in New York.  
After kicking cancer's ass she lives her life with gratitude and passion. She inherited her green thumb from her late Father and is sowing his seeds with love and the fondest of memories.
Besides growing, Nikki has a fetish for nail art, Warheads, her kitten & making a difference in the world.

EDITORS NOTE:  Help Nikki ! 

She loves FRESH Blue Raspberry Warheads and needs a reliable source!

Nikki is a fighter and a survivor of Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is an inspiration to  other's inflicted with this devastating disease.