Today's DAILY POT SHOT AWARD recipient

    Today's Green Thumb Girls Pot Shot Award goes to (insert drum roll please).......
Marin0420 (on InstaGram) for this amazing close-up of one of her award winning well- maintained plants. I thought it was perfect for the first Green Thumb Girls Daily Pot Shot Award. My eyes  grew big and I drooled a little when I first saw her photo. It takes a lot to impress me, great work Marin! Keep it lit! 

The winning photo 
 A word about the cultivator: 
   Free- spirited, country girl "Marin" obviously has a very green thumb! She has been growing for four years now but I can tell she has been growing other things before medical cannabis. I've discovered that women who enjoy growing flowers and/or fresh produce are now using their know-how (mad skills) in cultivating some beautiful danky, stanky smoke!
    She is a sponge when it comes to learning more about this wondrous healing herb we call cannabis and Marin thoroughly enjoys sharing that knowledge with other open- minded growers like herself.
    Marin is a medical marijuana patient and a caregiver. She grows in a GREEN HOUSE (10 x12) and her thirsty 5 foot tall plants get a variety of organic and  hydroponic nutrients. She has a degree in Biology. When Marin finished with school she gained employment working for a couple of companies that had greenhouses.
    She is now working as a fitness instructor and looks in great shape herself! The fact that she enjoys helping others reflects a strong value in Marin's character which I sincerely appreciate.
She has the glow of the grow! 

   Winners will also receive a cool token of my appreciation if they so chose. The "tokens" are not currently available but I will keep track of all the winners so when the "tokens" are in my possession I can distribute them with pleasure.
Note:They are legal and not drug related. 

I want to give a special thank you to Marin0420 for sharing her eye candy with us and the info so I could write her bio.