Mentors: A Shoutout to EastCoasterDam

  About 3 years ago I met @EastCoasterdam on twitter. I noticed he had some super dank looking plants/buds so I started to follow him. When I wasn't able to get help from one of my local mentors, I would turn to him with questions or when some form of crisis occurred in my garden. He gave me great advice on lollipopping & using his zip tie technique. He was always willing to help me and I just wanted to thank him somehow. I have a ton of respect for him for many reasons besides his knowledge and I know I'm not the only one who appreciates his dedication to the "Growing Community".
Green Thumb Girls thinks you should be honored with a Official Award Certificate

Here's a sample of his outstanding work. 
Nice & clean. (as it should be!) Good spacing between plants. Looks good!

This looks super dense, the kind of nugs that are as hard as cement!

He knows that fading is a good sign, normal and he flushes! 

Holy schmokes! Excellent! I'd love to hold one of those in my hands AND smoke some of course! 

Mammoth! Those are HUGE!

Sweet! Now you can see why I chose him as an online go to man!

He takes some great bud pics!! Love his photos!

Another perfect looking bud! He has a green thumb for sure! Kudos!

Frosty goodness! 

Another shot of that density ; )

Love the Mantis shot!
Thanks again for all you do!


When seeking a mentor, please find someone whose plants looks like ECD's  and not some Schwag Farmer whose plants are suffering from abuse! Look for those growing top shelf meds, the grower whose buds look like they could be in Skunk Magazine or HighTimes if not a Cannabis Cup Winner...


Over nuted Miracle grow nightmare! 
Stay away from these growers for advise.

Not mentor material 

Help those abusing their plants!