GTG TIPS: Watering

I have been learning so much lately.
 I am a sponge.
 I have been not just reading The Rev's True Organic Living but studying it. He said that you should water twice. The reason is twofold and will help with root health and mineral absorption. . When you water it pretty much just runs out of the bottom along with any  nutes you added. That equates to money down the drain. Watering twice helps eliminate  air pockets & dry spots that are bad for the roots & plants. You water lightly with plain water first until some comes out the bottom. Wait an hour and then water again with your nutes (or more plain water if that is the case) until it runs out the bottom.  Get it?  It made a lot of sense to me and I have been trying VERY HARD to do it every time I water but it's tough when you are limited on time. 
Now when I don't water twice, I feel a lil guilty knowing that it'd  be more beneficial and cost saving to implement the watering twice routine.
I really appreciate all the great info & recipes in his book. I'd  also like to give a special shoutout to @Garden_Nymph on Twitter for turning me onto the book. 
Thanks G.N. !