I'm blown away again after looking at yesterday's winners' pics.The Grow Girls plants had my heart pounding, you know, that feeling when you're looking at your super dank buds and tripping out over how amazing they look. 
Pot Shot Of The Day Winner
    I'm blown away again after looking at yesterday's winning pics. Her plants had my heart pounding, you know that feeling when your looking at your super dank buds tripping at how amazing they look. Her outdoor grow, wow, spectacular! Her work = Perfection and Professional

Here's the winning photo
Strain: Mendo Purp x Orange Crush
 Her mentor had, "an awesome Mendo county deep woods teacher that has been growing this strain for years.
How sweet it is! I told her she has TWO green thumbs! 

All her pics look as good as pics
in rags like Skunk Mag/HighTimes!
About The Grower: Cali Marie
     Just like Marin (Mary) the winner of the very 
1st DPS AWARD, Cali has been around growing since she was in her youth and it shows! 
    She always had a passion to grow and she was given the opportunity to do so by her mentor (to whom she is very grateful for) who taught her what he knows (a lot obviously) and Im sure taught him a thing or two too ; ) It looks like it parred out well for her. Her work is award winning in my opinion and I'm sure you would agree also. 
     When not tending to her garden, Cali Marie loves spending time with her daughter, photography, and chill time since she doesn't have a lot of spare time which ALL of us female growers can relate to! She also enjoys cooking and time spent with her special someone. 
I want to thank Cali for letting me share her beautiful garden. If you want to see more pics you can check them out here Cali's Photos 
You wont be disappointed!