Grow Journal

Damn! Another busy, busy day in the GT Garden! 
I planted the Chemdawg seeds. NOTE: I'm sure there are some that think that I think I know it all! LOL  NOT!  I called my buddy today to ask him about planting those seeds! How funny is that? I think it's a hoot! I have planted hundreds of seeds in my lifetime but they were flower seeds. I put them in dirt out in the sun outside and let em sprout but it's different with cannabis seeds IMO- THEY COST MORE & are harder to come by! I've only grown from seed less than 5 times? My first two years I grew from clones so I consider myself a newb when it comes to sprouting from seed. 

The newly planted clones seemed to be doing ok. They were put into soil yesterday. I was so worried that gnats might have laid eggs in my clone soil mix I put it in the deep freezer for a day! Take that fuckers! I added nematodes to the water when I watered them, I'm using those to eat any larvae/ eggs the little bastards lay in the soil. As soon as they're big enough I'll top the soil off with GNAT NIX.