Like many other newbs before me I opened the lid to the compost bins and there was MOLD growing on top of the soil! I died. I was fearful that it was totally  ruined after all I invested.. until I got on google and found out it wasn't MOLD but the oh -so -wonderful & beneficial mycronyze fungus. Yay!  It's good that its there much to my relief. 

This is what it looked like... 

Fine, wispy white fibers!  When I thought it was mold I got paranoid that the spores would get blown onto my plants! LOL  Stupid ghost of powdery mildew past will forever haunt me. 
Here's some info I dug up on the beneficial "mold".....

Interesting... Sensitive to tillage! 
I used it for the 1st time when I planted a clone in my mild & wild soil mix for clones the other day.

The fungi has a SWEET TOOTH!  

        Up close

It looked like the seed from a cottonwood tree....

I spent maybe $300 on supplies to step into this venture of cultivating true organic cannabis and that's why I got so bummed at the first sight of the mold. I thought the WHOLE batch, was ruined and all that hard work & money invested was for naught.

 I did a lot of running around trying to locate the amendments I needed plus a couple hours at least doing searches for them. I bought the items over a period of a month. I had to order one item online... I'm waiting for the humic soil conditioner to arrive any day now. I found many DOWN TO EARTH products but not the one I wanted so I ordered it online.
The HARDEST item to find was POWDERED GYPSUM- omfg! LOL I don't know how many places I went to but I'm sure it's close to ten. I stumbled across it accidentally on Amazon while doing a search. I found it locally at a HOME BREWING COMPANY!  Who woulda' thunk... I bought 2 bags and bong brushes! They had some real cool stuff in there- I was sooooo silly in there, talking too much and comparing brewing beer to growing weed... C02 - minerals, hops, can CLONE beer... I was bad! They were cool though. 
So if you're going to do a #TLO grow dont freak when you see the white "cotton" resting languidly atop the cooking "brew!".
It's all good! 

keep it lit!