Birthday/Christmas Wish List!

My birthday is coming up...
So is Xmas.
I'm going to ask for garden supplies! 
For my birthday I'm putting a request in for a reverse osmosis water filter and/or a good ppm meter.

For Xmas I'm shooting for the stars! LOL

I'm asking "Santa" for a ... portable air conditioner!  I want to keep it cooler and drier in the summer, my temps run around 80 -83 on hot days not awful but I'd prefer it cooler & I'm sure the ladies would too! The humidity gets around 60%- I'd like to be able to control that and the temp for frosting up the plants before harvest. 
I get a nice chunk of $ from my rents for Xmas so I can tell "Santa" that I will apply that $ towards the air conditioner.... I know how to work it! I'll even kick in some more $ towards the household expenses to cover the added electricity cost! 
I better be good so "Santa" will bring me what I want
; ) LOL