It's All In Da' Genes

Here's some helpful info on genes & genetics...
One of the contributors to a successful grow is good genetics. 
     Genes are the basic identities of heredity. The female marijuana strain will have characteristics making her unique while the father marijuana strain contains his own traits. The offspring will contain both specifics of each strain. Getting a perfect match by seed is impossible, only cloning will do that. The best place to obtain quality seeds is from a reputable breeder. There's an explosion of hybrid strains as male and females become mixed up for eternity.
Here's some definitions of words and phrases used in marijuana genetics.
Clonal propagation is where clones come from a single parent. This is the most popular way to produce exacting strains.
Feminized seeds guarantees every plant to be female through high tech genetic manipulation.
Autoflower seeds guarantees every plant to flower at a specific time, no matter the light cycle, temperature change, fertilizer change, etc.
Genotype is the genetic make up of a single cell usually with a specific characteristic in mind. It is the total combination of genes on the chromosomes.
Phenotype is any observable trait or objects of behaviour in a plant. It is the overall appearance of the plant.
Phenotype = genotype + environment lets us know the environment plays a pivotal role in plant characteristic outcome.
Hybrid vigor is the offspring being bigger and better than the original strains.
Trichromes are the mushroom like balls you see on close up photographs of marijuana. Inside the heads of these trichromes is the THC and cannabinoids. There are three types as follows:

  • Bulbous - the smallest bulbs, scattered about the surface of a leaf, calyx, stem, etc.

  • Capitate Sessile -  larger, more numerous than the bulbous, doesn't appear to have a stalk until maturity.

  • Capitate - Stalked - the largest most abundant gland, appear most on calyx, bract and small surrounding leaves.