GTG Grow Journal: Update

     The time has come! Tomorrow I flip the plants over to 12 hours! I'm so excited. My last harvest was in May and I'm just at the tail end of it. 
     Tonight I am going to run my sulphur burner for a half hour. It has been a couple of weeks I think since I last used it. I didn't run it the week I transplanted them and before that I was on vacation for 9 days, so, yeah, it's time. I haven't had any visible signs of any PM (powdery mildew) Yay! I run it as a preventative measure.  Haven't had any issues with PM since I purchased it! I love it and really recommend one if you have issues with PM (It also kills BUGS!). Luckily I haven't had any problems with them (knock on wood!) 
     The first week of flower I will hit my plants up with a transitional feed that's gives them a boost and also reduces stretch. I use Humboldt's Big Up Powder™ 
"Big Up Powder is designed specifically for the first week and final weeks of the flowering period. Plants are in a transitional phase during this first week. By introducing Big Up Powder in the first week of flowering, you effectively flip the switch in your plant, sending it immediately into an intense flowering cycle. Big Up also provides the final boost of energy that your plants need to finish the bloom cycle. Our customers have been amazed by the Big Up Powder, time after time gardeners depend on the power and consistent results offered by this superb additive. 
After using Big Up Powder, expect to harvest much larger and harder flowers than previous crops."
 I used it on my last crop and like the results. It had more organic ingredients than Bud Blood and costs less too." From 
   I will for sure post pics cos' the Big Up™ really kicks them into high gear like crazy. I was freaking out last run at how big my buds were so very early! It was insanely wonderful! LOL