Alcohol vs. Concentrates: The Hypocrisy

       People that drink alcohol have a stronger "strain" they can purchase legally 

despite the potential for possible harm to oneself or others since drinking alcohol can cause one to lose control of the basic motor skills needed to function, i.e. walk and talk!!! 
Everyday people are dying from drinking because they get so intoxicated  that die or kill an innocent person due to drinking & driving. In High School there were two kids who died from over drinking that I knew personally - one was only 15 years old :  ( 


     Medical cannabis users are banned from more concentrated forms of marijuana, even though there's no chance of anyone dying from a more potent form of cannabis. 
     Unfortunately, there were instances of people making wax improperly- indoors without good ventilation which resulted in the house(s) exploding. Not too bright! 
Is it right for them to ban it all because of a few dummies (RIP dummies- sorry- it is really sad) 
     I'm sure many politicians frown on concentrated forms of cannabis because of the way it can be smoked- some say it's  like smoking meth or crack- I wouldn't know since I haven't smoked either one of those but it is a wax/oil form and  isn't smoked in the conventional ways. Other forms of concentrated cannabis like Phoenix Years (aka Rick Simpson Oil) is mostly taken orally  and because of the high CBD  content it doesn't result in a high like a form higher in THC- there are patients as young as two years old who are living normal lives because of this healing herb... 
     A couple instances of ignorance shouldn't ruin it for patients that really benefit from this form of cannabis. One collective owner i know well told me of a patient who finds that cannabis concentrates keep his bi -polar symptoms in check. The patient is concerned because he doesn't want to have to go back on the prescription drugs he was on and gave him so many negative side effects.
     Politicians need to know that it's hypocritical of them to allow stronger forms of alcohol but not cannabis!