Skinny Stoners?

     Are marijuana smokers skinner than those that don't smoke? Hmmmm?
 Unlike most women in the USA, I'm trying to gain weight via muscle, not fat.
Am I skinny because I smoke cannabis? I don't think so, I think it has more to do with my diet. I eat a lot of fruit, nuts, veggies, hummus... not much meat. Junk food is rare! Healthy snacks... most always. I'm super active...I hardly sit down and I think having a good metabolism probably helps a lot. It's nice I must say to wear a tighter tee shirt w/o any bulging, muffin top gunk! Anyway, enough about my skinny ass... Here's a link to the article I just read on cannabis & weight. Do you think it's true that stoners are skinnier? See what they have to say here...