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Love this multi-tasking product!
It doesn't cost much either for those concerned about cost.
Safer® Brand 3-In-1 Concentrate can be used to kill insect and mite pests and to prevent and

control fungal disease. Safer® Brand 3-In-1 Concentrate contains sulfur and insect killing soap derived from natural fats and plant oils. Its formulation is gentle on most plants. Safer® Brand 3-In-1 Concentrate is designed to kill pests and create an environment where damaging fungi cannot live. It can be applied directly to fruits and vegetables up to day before harvest.
This is the only organic insecticide, miticide and fungicide combination on the market. It eliminates insects and mites, as well as a large number of plant diseases. OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening, this product will not damage your plants, unlike synthetic chemicals, and does not leave oily residue that harms beneficial insects or the plant!

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