Who Are The Medical Marijuana Patients?

  If you are not a mmj patient you probably wonder who is getting their card to be a legal user, like me. I'm sure many have misconceptions that it's just a bunch of punk ass kids who exaggerate their medical condition to get a card. Yes,  that does happen but they represent a small minority. I have been to dozens & dozens of medical marijuana collectives/ healing centers, I'm very friendly and outgoing, I have no problem striking up a convo with a stranger.  Ve heard many stories about the reasons people received their cards and I would like to share for those who don't know.

  I was able to do an little interview with a man I met in a dispensary. He was more than happy to answer my questions (enquiring minds want to know) which was prompted by my statement of, " I heard a lot of senior citizens are getting their cards. This is what I learned from "Tom".
Tom got cancer and had chemo, it caused him to  lose  his appetite. he  was wasting away, his weight was down to 120 pounds, and he is 5' 11" .  His family was very worried about him, then his niece suggested that he get certified  in hopes the cannabis would increase his appetite. I totally cracked up when he told me that he had not smoked since he was a young man and foolishly smoked a whole joint the first time he got medical grade cannabis, He said he was couch-locked for HOURS and now he knows to just smoke a little because it is  that much stronger than it used to be.  We talked some more but that story of him blazing a whole joints after not smoking for 40 years was the topper!  I'm glad I started a conversation with him, he was a sweetie.  I see many seniors getting their medication at the dispensaries more so than real young patients.