Summer's Off!

     It just so happened that I had a nice harvest last month & it should last me throughout the whole summer....I  have concluded that maybe this is the way to go from now on. I mean really, who wants to be tied down in the summer? I want to be OUTSIDE gardening! I hate having to worry about carrying pests into the grow rooms from outside, especially when the bugs have been atrocious!
Plus,  I'm away from home more often in the summer because we go to the cottage frequently. 

     Currently I have 6 babies that are almost a month old. I must say that it's so weird to use less than a gallon of water versus 5 gallons like i was for watering. I'm enjoying that aspect of it as well even if it feels strange. I had a big run & it was a lot of work & stress & I was relieved when it was over but that partly because a setback due to getting a clone from an UNFAMILIAR source that was infected with PM but that's a whole other story I've touched on in previous posts.  
     It's indescribable  how happy I am that I'll have it easy for awhile. I expect I'll be a little busier as the summer wanes but until then- I'm just going to enjoy this quiet time and seize each and everyday!
Would you be interested in doing the same?