Rick Simpson Oil: Phoenix Tears

     Note: Being a medical marijuana patient I for sure intend to include covering the healing aspects of cannabis on this site.

Rick Simpson

     Rick Simpson's oil has been doing some miraculous things, curing many forms of cancer and other health diseases. I follow his Facebook page Rick Simpson's Facebook Page and his website Rick Simpson Website- Phoenix Tears. He also produced the ground breaking documentary Run From The Cure
Here's a sample from his posts today.

"Still, why would anyone in their right mind even consider taking chemo and radiation?" Rick Simpson
"Can the oil can be used along with chemotherapy and radiation?
When patients ask me this question, I tell them that yes, the oil could be used along with chemo and radiation. I have no doubt the use of this oil would be very beneficial and it would give them a better chance of surviving the effects such treatments cause. Still, why would anyone in their right mind even consider taking chemo and radiation?

Chemo and radiation do not cure cancer, they cause it, and in the past, I have refused to provide oil to people who are planning to take such so-called treatments. Why should I run the risk of going to jail to produce the oil for someone who plans to take treatments such as this from the medical system? If a person chooses to take chemo or radiation, by all means, that is their choice. But from my perspective I feel it would be foolish on my part to provide the cure, if these individuals are so intent on letting the medical system poison them. It is like supplying an antidote while pumping venom in the patient’s veins.

In the past, I have provided this medication to patients who want an effective treatment that does no harm and gives them a very good chance to survive. But I consider most of what the medical system is supplying to be more about murder than it is about medicine. That is the reason I tell people with serious medical conditions to take the oil and stay away from the medical system and their doctors.

Unless medical professionals start behaving rationally towards the treatment of cancer, I believe the patient is better off not seeking their advice at all. What the medical system provides in the end usually does much more harm than good and lessens the patient’s chance of survival. The damage caused and left behind by chemo and radiation will in most cases bring about the death of the patient, unless they ingest large amounts of oil to detoxify themselves. The vast majority of people who take chemo and radiation die from the effects these treatments cause and not the cancer they were being treated for.
As I said, from my experience, the oil seems to work on all types of cancer, but I have had a few people who acquired the treatment and then refused to take it. I cannot explain their behavior other than to say that in the end it seems they were unwilling to break with the medical system. There have only been a few who have done this and, as far as I know, in the end all these patients died. I wish that I could explain why people do the things they do and why they are so reckless with their lives. But unless they are willing to educate themselves about what the medical system has in store for them I expect that this will continue." Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson Oil aka RSO or Phoenix Tears