Cooking With Cannabis: Topical Recipe

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Today's topic is topicals (click the word for link on info about what a topical is).

     My friend shared this easy recipe for a medicated topical pain reliever which can also be consumed. How sweet is that? You can use it for cooking, baking or do what I did and add a few drops of cinnamon oil and eat it on toast!

(NOTE: Some of you may not be familiar with the term decarbolization (click the word for link to info on it) that is the first thing that you do in this recipe. Decarbolizing consists of baking the cannabis at a low temp. (275) to remove the carbon from it & the THC leaving behind the more medicinal quality the CBD's, CBG's etc.

Here's what you'll need: A crock pot, at least 16 oz. of the solid form of coconut oil, two cookie trays, glass jars, food grade cheesecloth, a colander or strainer, access to a oven and last but not least, 4 cups of trim and/or bud.

  • First you need to decarbolize the 4 cups of cannabis, pack it down real good!
  • Spread the leaf on a cookie tray in a single layer. I needed 2 trays, you want to spread it out good, no piles.
  • Preheat oven to 275 degrees
  • Put the cookie sheets w/ leaf into oven and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.
  • Don't freak out if it smokes, the small stuff is burning up (kief & small bits). I did freak & turned on the exhaust fan. The fumes will be bad! LOL I was hoping it wouldn't waif into the neighbors house. Be warned!  You want to cook it until it changes color, kinda brownish.
  • Remove when done, be careful & don't toast the shit outta it!
  • Turn crock pot on high & preheat it.
  • Add the coconut oil & let melt, I used approx. 20 oz. cos' my leaf/bud was so potent
  • Add the decarbolized leaf & stir until all the leaf is coated good.
  • Cover the leaf with water & keep it covered throughout the WHOLE process *important
  • Put a lid on it!
  • Once you know the crock pot is thoroughly heated turn heat to low heat.
  • Let cook for 5- 6 hours, longer is okay, I cooked mine for 7 hours! My friend cooked hers once for a day I think she said & it was ok.
  • You have to strain it now. Take a strainer, lay cheesecloth in it. I used 2 pieces.
  • Pour into strainer, have a big pot to catch oil/water mix. You have to squeeze the oil/water out of the cheesecloth. It will flow through easily.
  • Repeat the above (strain again!)
  • Let cool
  • Once cooled, put in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. "Oil & water don't mix", the oil will harden. (It's the same as removing the fat from soup stock)
  • Remove from refrigerator, and proceed to remove the hardened oil from the top of the jar.
  • Dry on paper towels & pat off any water on it.
  • Storing: I put mine in cute little Mason Jars (half pint size) and also the small container I get my wax (concentrates) in.
Eat it! I kept tasting it & by the time I was done I had the best body high ever! I was wrecked & even had a hard time walking, I was wobbly but I think I "tested" to much & I was tired at the time.

     I posted pics below of the process & finished product. I'm pretty excited about it. I used some real good trim & popcorn buds. My batch is wicked potent! Very strong. I was surprised at how good it tastes too. I tried some on my muscles/joints and was very impressed at how much it helped aches & pain. I bet its good for inflammation. I told my significant other that he'll have to wear gloves when he puts it on my back cos' he's paranoid about testing positive for drugs. He doesn't smoke at all! He only was tested when he got hired in but still thinks it could happen one day. That's okay, more for me!


The oil  I used, any brand is fine

I buy their products ALL the time!

4 cups of well packed bud & sugar leaf

How it looks...Mixed leaf, had some from last run/harvest

Beautiful! The green separates from the amber fluid.
I would stir mine every so often and ALWAYS keep the leaf covered with water!

This is how I placed the food grade cheese cloth
How it looks in the strainer

All strained!

This is how it will look before you put it in the fridge
It looks pretty good, kinda' like hash!

This is the type of jar you HAVE to use- one without a mouth!
I had a hell of a time getting it out of the jars I used jars with a narrow mouth! I had to break it up in the damn jar! UGH!

I used the wrong jars and had to break it in half with a knife to get it out #stonerproblems lol #doh

it's like....wax!

Drying on paper towels

Finished Product! I just LOVE the adorable pint size mason jars!

     If you choose to make this I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, it was fun! I realized I love to cook with cannabis & I can't wait to try something else.
Next I'm going to make some candy... Candy Kush!
     I hope you found this little tutorial helpful and if you have any questions you can either comment below, ask me on the Twitter @greenthumbgirls or @stonergurl4eva or if you prefer my email address is

NOTE: keep in refrigerator for two weeks then store in freezer!