Cooking With Cannabis: Recipe For Cannabutter

The recipe I posted for the coconut oil works for this recipe too and I think it's much simpler.

Canna butter

One recipe
is 2-7 grams of bud or 1/4-1 oz of leaf for a 1/4 lb. stick of butter, yielding a dose (in inverse proportions) of 1/2-2 tbsp per person.

Method 1

1. The buds or leaf should be crumbled into small flakes or powder.
2. The herb and butter or oil go in a doubler boiler, a small pot inside a larger pot filled with water; this prevents the butter-herb mix from burning, as it can if cooked directly on the stove. Cooking on the stove needs the lowest heat possible with a few tablespoons of water added, and frequent stirring. Use organic butter-you don't want pesticides or growth hormones in your food, and margarine, unless organic, is probably made with oil from genetically modified corn or soybeans. It takes around 20-45 minutes to cook and it's important not to let it burn. If you burn it, not only do you ruin the high, but the flavor is awful.
3. When done, the leaf residue can be strained out, otherwise everything with it will taste like pot. (The leftover herb can then be chopped up further and added to an "herb'd bread" recipe.) I suggest using cannabutter to cook an omelet or for grilled cheese sandwiches, while cannabis oil can be used to saute a veggie mix, or chilled and use to season.

Method 2

Another method is to put enough water in a soup pot to more than cover the herb, and then add butter and simmer for a couple of hours. Chilling in the refrigerator will separate the butter from the old skanky water. The water can then be drained through a hole poked in the chilled butter. Then the butter is heated enough to press the leaf out and rechilled in a metal bowl. The remaining water is then drained off and what is left is the most gorgeous green lovin' butter! Whatever isn't used can be refrigerated or frozen.
Source: KUSH on Grass City Forums
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