And You Thought I Was Crazy!


     I imagine many people were aghast when I posted pics of me washing my weed!!
I know what the hell I'm doing, most of the time. I'm sharing this video because it saved my crop when I discovered the evilness that is powdery mildew lurking on a lower branch A WEEK BEFORE HARVEST! I didn't know what to do besides cut it all down ASAP cos' at a week before harvest, you sure don't want to spray it with anything! Being the natural born reseacher I am, I hit the net! Thank the Ganja Goddess I found this video! I was worried about putting it in water like that, but I've now done this process two times and I can, with 100% confidence, tell you that IT'S PERFECTLY FINE! I mean wtf, if you grow outside, your plants get RAINED on and it doesn't hurt them. Smoking cannabis contaminated with powdery mildew is BAD FOR YOU! YOU"RE SMOKING FUCKING MOLD! MOLD! Awwww hell to the no! I couldn't imagine chucking it all, all my hard work and hours spent on them! Anyway,

After I discovered the PM and cutting down my crop, I tried sprays. It proved to be time consuming & laborious. I had some big ass bushy plants! Also, with so many & them being  so big (3/4 ft tall) it's hard to thoroughly cover every single spot. The process of spraying HAS to be repeated or it will come back, not that it ever went away because it lives in the plants SYSTEM forever, until it dies. The is no cure for PM, all you can do is prevent it from appearing on your leaves! My friend who TOLD ME TO GET A SULPHUR BURNER IN THE FIRST PLACE was so right & so I invested in one and it's like a miracle IMO because it saved the plants I still had in the veg room. I did destroy who I believed to be the contaminator(s) and also maybe 4 other plants at least. No biggie. My plan was to flower everything I had left, 8 plants, then regroup & TOTALLY make sure the bloom room is clean, clean of any spores and good to go. I'm not taking any chances, fuck that PM! I hope this helps with anyone dealing with PM. It's a nightmare. Don't let anyone tell you it's not a  problem, it is very serious, IMO the worst that can happen. Previous problems with bugs will seem MINOR! If you're dealing with it, heed my words, and declare WAR on PM! Get the burner!

This is how you wash the weed, wash the weed, wash the weed. I sang that whilst washing! 

I washed some very big & dense buds, no problem! You really should wash it after curing. All the dust and crap, especially if you use a foliar spray.
Anyways, I have the cleanest smoke around!