A Look Inside Medical Marijuana Collectives

The first time I went into a Collective I had the biggest grin and my face! I couldn't BELIEVE it and it was a dream come true. I never really thought I'd see the day come where you could go to a place and get it legally. There were so many choices. So for awhile u was just trying all the different strains. Now I go for concentrates since I grow my own and also when I'm between harvests if the case may be- I try to NOT let that happen but it has.

I've been using the term Dispensary but that isn't being politically correct and most owners/ people that work at them hate the term. I suppose it gives it a negative connotation.

This is post is for those who have never been inside a collective.

I have to admit they're pretty cool and I think I have visited approx. 20 of them. It takes a lot to impress me and the one that I use now, is the best around because of the huge selection at a decent donation of $10 per gram- the owner wishes he could go as low as a $5 donation per gram. They also have a selection of the $20 a gram strains. I think they have at least 30 strains and the State's best wax. The medibles are really inexpensive too & tons of choices but I don't care too much for their medibles. I see all sort of designs when it comes to collectives and these photos rep them pretty well.