Review: Big Up Powder

   I was looking for a product that would help trigger/aid in transition for my girls & reduce the stretch during flowering. L
I had a consultation with my mentor who actually taught me about products that can help speed transition & he suggested Bud Blood but it's pricey at $24 for a small PACKET so I didn't get it that run (crop).
   I finally was ready to fork out the $24 for it when it came time to switch the girls to 12/12 the next run. At the Grow Shoppe I I thought to ask my fave guy (most knowledgeable) if there were any products similar to Blood Bud & he recommended Big Up Powder. He claimed he uses it and he's one of the few salespeople I trust there or anywhere. He said it was cheaper than Blood Bud and had more organic components. I bought some & used the recommended 1/4 teaspoon per gallon the 1st week with amazing results, most all had nice lil buds at the end of the first week, it was crazy! I feel it accelerated the flowering time. You hardly have to use any. I used the same dose 2 times after that. I used it as a "Peak" finishing "lotion" lol I am going to keep this product in my regimen for sure. It cost a whoppin' 9 dollars for a container that lasts a long time, I'm glad I found this product & look forward to seeing what it does along with my other nutes this run!
I give this product 2 big thumbs up 👍👍
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