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New Item Purchased

Hello Trich pics! I've been wanting one and finally bought one yesterday. Can't wait to try it out! 

Tip From Melvanetics

In the future, you may want to sow your seed direct to your grow medium in 1/2 pint azalea cups. The paper towel method is really for making sure the seed is viable before you put them in the medium. Which, planting and waiting 3-5 days will also tell you. When the seed germs it does a twisting motion that causes the tap to anchor to the soil, allowing for the upward push that exposes the seed cap to air and allows for the opening of the colydons. Sprouted in a paper towel then planted, the root has to reach and then anchor, causing for a weaker start. In some cases they become "confused" and push root up, seed cap down. So, yes, in a paper towel you know you have viable seed, but waiting 3 days for them to break the soil line will give you a healthier start. Sorry to ramble. on Grow Journal

Garden Update

              Skywalker OG
               Blueberry Kush
Side by Side- the Blueberry looks like a dwarf. 

The Fours Phases Of Flowering


Winning photo by Nikki

Beautiful Fat Bud Of Blueberry Kush

Lemon Kush

Purple Papa Kush after a freezing night

Looks like Nikki could use a personalized jar! 

Her beloved buddy, Sid Vicious in Rikki"s Green Thumb Garden

The except below is from Nikki's Instagram It was just too sweet not to include. I really admire the deep love, honor and devotion Nikki shows for her late Father. It really touched my heart and made my eyes well up with tears....
"Batch número uno. Lemon Papa Kush. All buds will have "papa" in it in loving memory of my Dad because they were all his seeds. He would be one proud father!"

Two healthy females! 

Nikki's Day Of The Dead Halloween Costume/Make-up was way too cool to not post!
I love it

BIO:  Nikki is from the beautiful Catskill Mountain area in New York.  
After kicking cancer's ass she lives her life with gratitude and passion. She inherited her green thumb from her late Father and is sowing his seeds with love and the fondest of memories.
Besides growing, Nikki has a fetish for nail art, Warheads, her kitten & making a difference in the world.

EDITORS NOTE:  Help Nikki ! 

She loves FRESH Blue Raspberry Warheads and needs a reliable source!

Nikki is a fighter and a survivor of Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is an inspiration to  other's inflicted with this devastating disease. 

Green Thumb Girls Logo

     My logo is done! It was a month long project, I'm very, very pleased with it and I'm especially grateful to the artist that helped bring my vision to life. Here's the story behind it...
     A few months ago I had a vision come to me for a logo. I put the word out on Twitter that I was looking for someone that can draw good because my drawing skills suck. I've never conquered the beast known as perspective but I'm still working on it. Anyway, in total I asked 4 people to draw it for me but didn't have any luck. A mont or two went by then one day I stopped by my friend's shop. He owns a screen printing shop and I just happened to mention that I was looking for someone to draw a pic/logo for me. He said he would do it if he wasn't so swamped with orders but suggested his  designer who is also his partner/ co-owner. It must have been fate because I got to collaborate with the most amazing graphic artist and what he created matches my vision to a T. I know he graduated from a fine arts academy in Chicago but don't recall which one. He has some mad skills and I look forward to hiring him again!
     My logo is so cool I don't want to put it out there yet until it is protected. I will be getting shirts made with my logo on it asap. It's not cheap to have something trademarked and hopefully it won't take forever. My goal is to establish a line of apparel featuring my logo.
I plan on having shirts, hats, hoodies and maybe even some lady underclothes ; ) also stickers of course!
      I know my logo is going to be a big hit and I hope all of you will like it as much as I do. It is definitely very unique. I'll post it's release on here for sure so stay tuned!


     I am super excited to announce the opening of my Etsy Store! I've been working my butt off trying to get it all together and I was able to get 4 items up for sale so far. I've been playing the waiting game, big time! Talk about having to have patience! OMG! It's been tough but I know all good things come to those who wait.
     Most of my items will be for the girl growers. My stickers are in and up for sale on my Etsy along with one of a kind stash jars and a couple of wicked t- shirts!
Green Thumb Girls Creativity Corner
Take a look!

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There are some tech issues with this blog template- hoping to get all the kinks : ) worked out asap... By then the new site will be ready to go I hope.
Thank You!