Miss Rad Reefer-June's Green Thumb Girl Of The Month

I just wanted to take a minute to give a big shoutout and thank you to Miss Rad Reefer on Instagram. Some of you may have heard me sing her praises on Twitter but I wanted to thank her formally for using the #Greenthumbgirls hashtag so consistently. It really means a lot to me & warms my heart more than words can say. Even when I was MIA for awhile she was still using it. 

I also want to thank all the new additions to the hash tagging. I really enjoy seeing all of your grow pics & appreciate your non- cannabis plant you hashtag with #greenthumbgirls just as much. I just love girls that grow it all! Growing other plants helps so much when you grow tour own holistic meds. I'm glad so many females are choosing cannabis vs. prescription drugs. It's so much better in so many ways. 

Keep it growing on ladies!

Miss Rad Reefer's pics are always top notch...

Girls That Grow-Green Thumb Girls

I'm happy to see some new ladies on Instagram hash tagging their pics w/ the #greenthumbgirls hashtag! Thank you! Much love always. 

Nice grow op.. clean as it should be. 

Girls That Toke

Cool piece & a cute stoner girl. I wish I could give credit but I don't know who took the pic....


Girls That Grow: PFarm

I want to give a huge shout out to PFarm. She has a green thumb and a big heart. A former tattoo artist turned caregiver. She takes good care of those she is a caregiver to and is a big supporter of Green Thumb Girls &  loves My Soap's Dope. She is a nurturing mother to her garden and loves helping those who need cannabis for pain relief & other medical ailments. 

Keep it the nice work Jen! Thanks for all the love! xx Samxx


They're Back! Girls That Grow

Summer's over time to get back at it. My first feature for Fall 2014 is a grower who has been featured many times on this site and that would be Marin0420.

She's a lucky lady who grows in a greenhouse seasonally. Here's a few photos of what's been growin' on in her ganja greenhouse.....

That is some fine looking plant open girlfriend! Your stalks are badass, so thick and healthy. Marin0420 definitely earns a spot in the 420 Growers Guild. This is the secong season I have had the pleasure of seeing what this Girls That Grows can do. She does it well! Kudos! I hope you enjoyed her plant porn as much as I have! 





Girls That Grow It All- KanabisQueen

Awwww, kanabisqueen on Instagram tagged one of her non-cannabis photo collages with the greenthumbgirls hashtag! I just thought I'd share & give her a shoutout! 



Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.09.11 AM.png