Mind Blowing Proof Of A Pole Shift Happening

I KNOW the magnetic poles are shifting & shifting fast. I have watched it move by conducting my own scientific experiment. I witnessed it moving eight degrees in a span of three months. I used a magnetic north compass setting & a pencil to mark where magnetic north was. I checked the spot three months later & much to my astonishment I saw it had moved....freaky! I've been researching & collecting as much good data as possible. This getleman that made this video is pretty good. I am on the same page as him for the most part. I have to cipher through a heap of crap especially those by religious nuts that tie natural weather & other environmental/space weather events to the end of time. Sometimes those vids had little pieces of good info so I endure, 

I really like Maverick's vids & hope you take some time to check them out. I also enjoy them because he gives good voice : ) I've ALWAYS been a sucker for an accent....

During a previous magnetic reversal Scientists studying magnetic material in larva flows found out that it went from north to south in just two weeks, building this equipment gives me the opportunity to spot the rapid acceleration of the pole and gives possibly 13 days warning of this event should the nature of the next reversal follow the trends of the last, could be an early warning system for those out of mainstream organisations such as NASA, NOAA, ESPA,etc, link below to support this system i'm building and this research, https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BABVNBC88VA9Q

Whacky Weather Is An Understatement: Heads Up East Coasters

Floods everywhere! Stay safe everyone! 

We've got some big bad storms rolling in through the plains into the Ohio Valley & then Saturday will 'WASHOUT' parts of the North East Coast, then we've got Storm after Storm after Storm scheduled to roll in from the West to the East & it sounds like the storms are just going to get worse and worse.

Green Thumb Girls-Earth Watch

This almost looks unreal... like it's from a video game or something. It is awesome drone footage, very impressive. The size of the fissure is immense. You can see people on the ground staring at the road, probably wondering how they're going to get across.

I was just having a discussion about what happens when they water in aquifers is depleted. It seems to me that it would cause sinkholes, not cracks like in the video, unless it was an underwater stream...

Just think about all the fracking going on in the USA and all the water they use. What's going to happen when the aquifers here are depleted? I can't even believe that they're fracking in California where's there's a drought. How insane is that?  I hate fracking w/ a passion and I was on a committee to ban tracking in my State. I haven't been an active member in the last year & hope to get involved again.


Resonanace Beings Of Frequency: Documentary- Must Watch!

This is an important documentary, please watch if you care about humanity & our planet...

Everyone really needs to watch and learn. This video will open your eyes to how EMF's affect all life on Earth especially the bees. Pesticides aren't the only factor killing the bees....

I have a friend that has breast cancer. There is no history of cancer in her family. She stored her cell phone when not in use in the breast pocket of her shirt & is convinced that her cell caused her cancer. The safety limit they put on phones is just below what is considered safe. Use headphones if you use your phone a lot. Don't keep it on you & keep it 5 feet away from you at night when you are sleeping. 

Signs Of Change: Earth Watch

Joe Decker  "Man is not worthy of earth. All we have done, all that we know how to do is destroy the beautiful and create the convenient. We as a species have reached an event horizon of destruction and greed; there is no turning around to correct our mistakes, all we can do is watch our actions twist and coalesce into a chaotic needlepoint in the not-so-far distance."