Mind Blowing Proof Of A Pole Shift Happening

I KNOW the magnetic poles are shifting & shifting fast. I have watched it move by conducting my own scientific experiment. I witnessed it moving eight degrees in a span of three months. I used a magnetic north compass setting & a pencil to mark where magnetic north was. I checked the spot three months later & much to my astonishment I saw it had moved....freaky! I've been researching & collecting as much good data as possible. This getleman that made this video is pretty good. I am on the same page as him for the most part. I have to cipher through a heap of crap especially those by religious nuts that tie natural weather & other environmental/space weather events to the end of time. Sometimes those vids had little pieces of good info so I endure, 

I really like Maverick's vids & hope you take some time to check them out. I also enjoy them because he gives good voice : ) I've ALWAYS been a sucker for an accent....

During a previous magnetic reversal Scientists studying magnetic material in larva flows found out that it went from north to south in just two weeks, building this equipment gives me the opportunity to spot the rapid acceleration of the pole and gives possibly 13 days warning of this event should the nature of the next reversal follow the trends of the last, could be an early warning system for those out of mainstream organisations such as NASA, NOAA, ESPA,etc, link below to support this system i'm building and this research, https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BABVNBC88VA9Q