Green Thumb Girls-Earth Watch

This almost looks unreal... like it's from a video game or something. It is awesome drone footage, very impressive. The size of the fissure is immense. You can see people on the ground staring at the road, probably wondering how they're going to get across.

I was just having a discussion about what happens when they water in aquifers is depleted. It seems to me that it would cause sinkholes, not cracks like in the video, unless it was an underwater stream...

Just think about all the fracking going on in the USA and all the water they use. What's going to happen when the aquifers here are depleted? I can't even believe that they're fracking in California where's there's a drought. How insane is that?  I hate fracking w/ a passion and I was on a committee to ban tracking in my State. I haven't been an active member in the last year & hope to get involved again.