Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (2)

As many of you know I am an avid skywatcher. I always look up when I go outside and find it difficult to keep my eyes out of the sky while driving.I watch the sky so regularly that I am one of a small percentage of people that noticed the clouds are lower due to an atmospheric collapse. I thought I was going crazy until my suspicions were confirmed by and my mentor Ben Davidson. I was so relived and proud of my hawk-like observation skills. 

I like watching these videos. I have no opinion as to the legitimacy of the videos but they are very interesting and often leaves me wondering.... I believe it is possible that we are visited by UFOs. and that the Govt. would definitely hide the fact if we were/are having unknown objects in our skies. I also think that some of these objects are drones. What do you think? Do you believe in UFOs?