IMO: Ebola & Agenda 21

Is Ebola the great culling? I always wondered how they would do it. In my opinion this is what needs to be done immediately. I'm not the only one that feels this way as shown in this video

The USA and all countries need to stop all commercial flights in and out of the whole continent of Africa and focus on helping the people that are affected the most there.There are only 51 doctors in the WHOLE country of Liberia. Liberia is the size of Texas. How about the UN stepping in and sending over as many doctors and whatever is needed to try and stop this from wiping out more people. We sure in the hell can help countries when it comes to military aid but ignore something like the Ebola nightmare. Just let em die and act like it's no biggie because it's not a problem here in the USA. Our Govt chooses to be reactive vs proactive and that is scary. 

 It appears they aren't really checking the people flying back from Liberia and other surrounding countries. They need to quarantine EVERYONE coming back from there. I know that sounds harsh but this can't get out of control here.

My heart breaks of who died from it. It is a horrible sickness where you bleed internally, almost like you blow up inside as thats' what happens to your red blood cells they expand and explode... what a way to go. I think of those that died without any comfort, no relief because there were no pain killers valuable. Just lie there and suffer. I couldn't even imagine how beyond awful dying from Ebola would be. I feel for  those living in the area where it is killing people left and right. I if were living there I would be scared shitless & would want to bug out.  I  mentioned to my husband last night that if it came down to it, we'd bug out into the woods if it  Ebola spreads here  in the USA. 

It's too bad our country is focused more on things that don't really matter...war, fossil fuels, catering to the (1%) bankers and greed. The C.D.C claims they can nip Ebola in the bud here in the States. That means just the opposite I'm sure. If they were serious they would be at all airports monitoring people flying back from Africa, stopping flight or something. It looks like they just wait until someone flies back then get sick after they were in contact with 50 other people. Maybe that's when they'll quarantine us in the FEMA camps..... 

 Samantha Silverhaze