IMO: Smoking Selfies & Videos

If I had a job that wasn't that important to me financially & I didn't care about my future career then I might post a selfie of me smoking...

I've been pondering this whole phenomena of posting selfies or making videos of oneself smoking cannabis for many months now. Here are a few questions I have on posting selfies of "blazing"...

  • Does it make one feel cool and part of the crowd (fitting in)?
  • Does it confirm that fact that one actually does smoke cannabis?
  • Is it narcissistic? 
  • Is it... habit forming? LOL 
  • Does it give them an ego boost if a lot of people like it?
  • Does it make the person posting it feel sad if it doesn't get many likes?
  • Does one ever worry that one day the photo(s) or video(s) may come back and haunt them via a friend or ex who is out to get them (revenge) & they threaten to show them to their employer, police, or Child Welfare?
  • Have they considered the fact that there is face recognition software that a potential employer can use to find photos on you online! 

There are sites and apps available that you can use to do an image search match, FYI.

 I'm sure some of these concerns don't even cross some peoples minds but it should.... Think before you post! 

In the end I say to each their own. I have many friends that post schmokin' selfies, many don't show all of their face and some do. I don't hate them at all don't get me wrong. I try not to judge but to understand... 

Any feedback is welcome...

Here's a link to an interesting story I found...