Mind Blowing Proof Of A Pole Shift Happening

I KNOW the magnetic poles are shifting & shifting fast. I have watched it move by conducting my own scientific experiment. I witnessed it moving eight degrees in a span of three months. I used a magnetic north compass setting & a pencil to mark where magnetic north was. I checked the spot three months later & much to my astonishment I saw it had moved....freaky! I've been researching & collecting as much good data as possible. This getleman that made this video is pretty good. I am on the same page as him for the most part. I have to cipher through a heap of crap especially those by religious nuts that tie natural weather & other environmental/space weather events to the end of time. Sometimes those vids had little pieces of good info so I endure, 

I really like Maverick's vids & hope you take some time to check them out. I also enjoy them because he gives good voice : ) I've ALWAYS been a sucker for an accent....

During a previous magnetic reversal Scientists studying magnetic material in larva flows found out that it went from north to south in just two weeks, building this equipment gives me the opportunity to spot the rapid acceleration of the pole and gives possibly 13 days warning of this event should the nature of the next reversal follow the trends of the last, could be an early warning system for those out of mainstream organisations such as NASA, NOAA, ESPA,etc, link below to support this system i'm building and this research, https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BABVNBC88VA9Q

Hottest Topics- Charleston Shootings Sparks U.N. To Butt In

the most violent armed force ever created .... Website: thenewamerican.com Credit: Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. Dated: June 18, 2015 Link: http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/21102-un-wants-urgent-measures-to-control-guns-after-charleston-killings DISCLAIMER: This video is not for profit. This is not to cause fear or panic. It is information only. It is up to the viewer to decide.

Please subscribe to Pink's YouTube channel. I first started listening to her a couple years ago at least. I appreciate what she does. I used toilets to her while I was at work. She gives the latest news & info straight up w/o any BS or religious commentary. 

Whacky Weather Is An Understatement: Heads Up East Coasters

Floods everywhere! Stay safe everyone! 

We've got some big bad storms rolling in through the plains into the Ohio Valley & then Saturday will 'WASHOUT' parts of the North East Coast, then we've got Storm after Storm after Storm scheduled to roll in from the West to the East & it sounds like the storms are just going to get worse and worse.

Op Ed-Earth Watch


The Koch Bros and the Fossil Fuel Industry, have spent Millions on Legislators and Regulators, to continue to Poison our Air, Water, and Soil. 

The Global Warming, Sea Level Rising, Fossil Fuel Energy Policies, that Globally emitted 40 - 50 Billion Toxic Tons of Carbon, of that the United States emitted 6.8 Billion Toxic Tons, and leads the charge to Frack the Globe.

Right Now we have 404 parts per million of carbon in our atmosphere.

The Jet Stream of Old, is Gone.

There is No Carbon Budget, each Toxic Ton we emit, is Warming the Planet.

The past Five years have Global record temps steadily increasing. 

Northwest Pacific Ocean, 3 - 6 degrees Warmer than Normal, 

"At just 0.80C of Global Warming, the World is Already experiencing Climate Change.

West Antarctica and Greenland Calving.

Arctic 75% gone and melting, with severe consequence for the Future Stability of the Permafrost, and Frozen Methane Stores, as Ice Sheets retreat the Earrths Reflective Power Decreases.

In reality 2C is the boundary between Dangerous and Very Dangerous Climate Change and a 1C is warmer than any Human Civilization has Experienced" David Spratt

In the 1850s parts per million of carbon was 260 - 280. 

Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Starfish, Die Off along the Western Coast of the Pacific Ocean over the past year . Ocean Acidity levels climbing, Mercury 3x more than the start of the Century.

"Ice sheets contain enormous quantities of frozen water. If the Greenland Ice Sheet melted, scientists estimate that sea level would rise about 6 meters (20 feet). If the Antarctic Ice Sheet melted, sea level would rise by about 60 meters (200 feet)." National Snow and Ice Data Center.

When will Sea Level Rise to 220 -  300 Feet   ?      2020 ?        2025 ?        ?

California emitted 459 Toxic Tons of Carbon Dioxide in 2014.

Gov Browns call to reduce this to 1990 levels so we can continue to emit over 400 million Toxic Tons a year, will not help us stop or slow down Global Warming and Sea Levels Rising.

"Updates to the 2020 Limit.

Calculation of the original 1990 limit approved in 2007 was revised using the scientifically updated IPCC 2007 fourth assessment report (AR4) global warming potentials, to 431 MMTCO2e. Thus the 2020 GHG emissions limit established in response to AB 32 is now slightly higher than the 427 MMTCO2e in the initial Scoping Plan." Ca. Gov. Data

We Need 100% Renewable Energies .

No Twin Tunnels, Save the Delta, this Fragile Eco-System is a measurement of our commitment to bring in Sustainable Energy Policies.

Cap and Trade Phased Out. 

75% Airport reduction in Carbon emissions.

Close Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, and relocate All Nuclear Waste above 2,000 feet. 

Ban Fracking 

Close all 108, for profit, Water Bottling Plants in California

 All Golf Courses on Gray Water or Shut Down.

Implement a California Residential and Commercial Feed in Tariff.

California Residential Feed in Tariff would allow homeowners to sell their Renewable Energy to the utility, protecting our communities from Poison Water, Grid Failures, Natural Disasters, Toxic Natural Gas and Oil Fracking.

Our California Residential Feed-In Tariff should start out at 16 cents per kilowatt hour, 5 cents per kilowatt hour to the Utility for use of the Grid, 11 cents per kilowatt hour going to the Home Owner.

A California Commercial FiT in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, an Sacramento Ca. are operating NOW, paying the Business Person 17 cents cents per kilowatt hour.

Sign and Share this petition for a California Residential Feed in Tariff.



Mysterious Booms- USA-

The loud booms are probably caused by the pole shift. The rocks below are grinding & shifting OR it's from FRACKING!!