What Is A Healers Job?

In conversation today the question came up to the effect of "what is a healers job, re changing people?"

I replied to the effect of - It is not the healers, nor the Lightworkers job to either change, or heal, people. We do not heal people, people heal from within.

By the same token, it is Not Our Job as Lightworkers and healers to change people, but rather to show them that there is an alternative available.

Some people are very comfortable walking through life in their ignorance. Just a horse wears blinders to keep from being distracted, so too do many people choose to walk through their lives looking neither left nor right, but only seeing that which is laid out right in front of them. This is why so many mainstream religions have been successful for so many people, they do not have to think.

When the blinders are removed, and people start to think and look around and see there is more to the world, the Universe, than what is right in front of them, they can begin to experience God in all, rather than being spoon fed a micro version of God.

A lot of people, not all, but a significant number, live in fear of the unknown. I think this is especially true in modern countries - or "1st world" countries - where people have lost touch with, not only nature... but family... a sense of community... a sense of oneness with all things, and it is only going to get worse the more people get disconnected from each other.

Sure, we have instantaneous electronic contact with people across the globe, but this is not human contact, contact with actual living, breathing, beings where breath and energy and pheromones and scent  eye contact is exchanged.

Children don't go out and get dirty, and if they do (gasp!!!) someone is there with antibacterial wash to ensure their immune systems can't build themselves up and develop into strong, germ-killing machines like they are meant to be.

I love modern times, but I am concerned with the fate of my children's children's children, and wonder if they will be able to develop the strength, physically and spiritually to ensure the blinders are not ever put on.

Healers and Lightworkers... All we can do is show the way. Let our lights burn brightly.

Love you.

Steven Hafiz Barr

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