Prepping For Taking My Show On The Road

Hello! In case you aren't aware...I'm taking my show on the road. I will be selling my arts & crafts locally at a variety of venures. I just ordered my banner today, thanks to a tip on where to get one at a decent price by the owner by Clean Roots. Thanks for the tip ECD!

I ended up buying some notecards with my logo, magnets, stickers as seen below and at last, my business cards. They look pretty darn sweet and are lavender color of course.

My banner is vertical and 4 feet tall. The last time I attempted to design it I gave up until I could get the resolution to match what was required. Today, I used a smaller size banner template and didn't get the resolution warning that it could end up looking grainy so I went with it. I should have everything within a week. I can't wait! I've worked very hard this summer to ensure that I would have plenty of stock. My set up will consist of a 4 shelf plastic shelving unit for my stash jars and a table with a cork board for my new jewelry line " My Dope Designs" and I'm not sure yet on how I am going to display my tie dye tee shirts. If anyone has any suggestions put it in the comments below if we don't follow each other on the Tweets.

I'm super excited about this next important  phase in my business journey. I'm extremely confident that buyers/customers are going to flip over what I have created. Pictures just don't do them justice. When people see my stuff in person they go gaga over it and absolutely love it. I put a lot into what I do and I have a feeling the rewards are coming. I'll for sure be posting updates, more frequently now that summer's almost over. I worship the summer season too much t be stuck inside on a computer for hours.... that's what winter is for. I'll still continue to post YouTube vids, along with written Grow Journal Updates and podcast episodes. 

xx Samantha xx