GTG Grow Journal Update: Dairy Queen

Strain Review ( I have only smoked this strain once or twice, I have never grown it before) So far... Lovely plant. Easy to grow. She branched out nice and is tall & not too bad of spacing between branches. I vegged her under a T5 for two months or more then 2 weeks under a 600 Metal Halide and thats' where she'll stay. She takes up the whole light. I have a tiny Chemdawg behind her under the Mega Red Spec. CFL.


Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Looks: Loaded with crystals. Darker green bud with bright orange hair. Super sticky. A few random nugs had a blueish purple leaves. Very gooey and sticky, even when the outside is bone dry. Looks killer, just not as good as other strains that I have given a ten out of ten in the looks dept. This batch was a tad bit leafy, but the leaves were packed with crystals so it was kosher. (9/10) SOURCE
Genetics: Cheese x Romulan x Cinderella 99
I'll post another update on this beauty next week...