Before & After

These are photos of my Island Sweet Skunk in a span of a week. This is what low stress training (in my case bending) results in... A straight up n down plant is so boring! I like to ply & see why I can make them do. Plus I like to triple the number of tops I get...


Pretty sweet! She's ready to be forced into flowering which I am doing this week. I'm going to take a few clones from the bottom... 


overview ISS

The overview is spectacular! I love it. She's going to have. Lovy canopy & lots of tops! 


ISS fill view

I potted her in a 5 gal. bucket 



I used my homemade weights on her branches too. 



She adjusted to the metal halide and I can lower it even more- saw some legginess due to lights being far away in order to avoid heat stress & fry them. I was hardening them off... 

She's hungry. I just made some organic tea. I'm sure it will make her happier.