Cannabis, P.T.S.D. & Those Suffering From It Who Are Overlooked.

No disrespect to the Vets but they aren't the only ones suffering from P.T.S.D.  that benefit from using cannabis vs. a prescription medicine to alleviate their symptoms. Overlooked are the victims of rape, robbery, and those who have witnessed a murder or lost a child(dren) to violence or illness.  Anyone who has been through a traumatic event and suffers from P.T.S.D.  shouldn't be left out of the picture when talking about how cannabis benefits the symptoms of PTSD. Granted the victims of crimes did not serve our country but they suffer just as much as our veterans do. it should also be noted that the victims of rape and violence... they didn't volunteer for a situation where they knew they were at a  high risk to get PTSD. 

Dr. Christopher Fitchner is the former Mental Health Director for the state of Illinois. He sat down with Cannabis Planet recently to discuss PTSD and how cannabis can be an effective treatment for EVERYONE who has P.T.S.D.