Here's something that might be confused as what the difference is between the hemp plant and the cannabis plant. It can get rather confusing. 

While there are many answers available throughout the world wide web to this question, many of them are not quite accurate. Marijuana and Hemp are the same plant genus of the species Cannabis L. Sativa. The only difference between a Marijuana plant and a Hemp Plant is the specific regulations of the jurisdiction in which the plants are grown. Most jurisdictions qualify Hemp as a Cannabis plant that yields lower than 0.3% THC on average in its life cycle. So all hemp plants would qualify as Marijuana or Cannabis, but not all Marijuana could qualify as Hemp. Most Hemp cultivars have been bred for seed or fiber, and have a very low cannabinoid profile. Charlotte’s Web Hemp has been bred for a high cannabinoid profile, with the exception of the cannabinoid THC, which has been bred to a minute level within the plant.

From Realm of Caring