Green Thumb Girl: Pre- Harvest Tricks

In the past I have put my plants in total darkness for 48 hours before harvest as it is suppose to shock the plant & all the resin shoots into the buds. I have also exposed it to light for 48 hrs. Both seem to help. This time I switched up. I read that if you water them with icy cold water that it will have the same effect so I tried it. I felt the results were better than the 48 hrs of darkness. 

I got the water from our rain barrel. It was under 40 degrees. I watered my chemdawg with it and when I returned just hours later it could tell that it was more resinous. It was sparkling more. I could see it oozing even more than it was before.  

I have 2 more plants to harvest here real soon. I am going to put one in darkness for 48 and water the other with ice water and do a side by side comparison.  

If you have used this method before yourself let me know what you thought of the results. 

gtg xx