Another Chemdawg In Bloom

Here's another Chemdawg I am currently flowering. I have 3 in bloom. She's going on her 3rd week. I moved her from under the 400 HPS to the 600 MH. She's a beauty and filled out real nice. She's 3'3" tall and 6 ft in diameter! Ha! Love it. She has had room to spread. I hate and don't grow plants all squished together in a small space. I used to grow that way but changed my ways. I yield the same if not more by growing fewer plants. I'm tripping because I have TWO plants under my 600 MH and it looks crowded. Last run I grew a single Skywalker OG under it. It was a tree @ 5 ft tall and 8 foot round!  I'm lucky I have the space to be able to let them grow with wild abandon & do as they please... with a little training from me. I make them do what I want to do do... Remember.... YOU'RE THE BOSS!