Corporate Geeks Want To Cash In On The Green Rush

I've seen some people making  posts on various social media networks complaining about others who are only " in the marijuana business for the money".  I have no problem with people wanting to cash in on the green rush as long as they are not hurting or scamming others to do so. Many people that were working in the corporate world are now setting their sights on the booming cannabis industry and here's a prime example...

 Faces Of Legal Marijuana: Unemployed Software Salesman Goes For The Green Rush By David Rheins

It is just after New Year's when 61-year-old unemployed software executive John Walters and I meet for coffee. We're there to discuss his interest in moving from the "straight" world of corporate enterprise software sales to the rough and tumble, still embryonic legal cannabis industry.

John, a tall bespeckled northwesterner with close cropped hair, begins by telling me about a recent holiday gathering that he and his wife attended in their Shoreline, WA, neighborhood. Recreational marijuana is legal in Washington, but the social protocols of its use remain uncertain. "Do you fire up at the party?" John ponders. "Do you offer your host a box of joints?" The nuances of integrating legal marijuana use into polite society -- and business life -- are being worked out in living rooms and board rooms across Colorado  and Washington