Harvest Time

It's her time. She's so ready to go. I might take her down today. This is the plant I despised. She had soft stems throughout her life and ugly looking leaves. I know there's a product for that but it wasn't organic and that made me panic!   I don't know how many times I was going to chuck (toss) her in the trash. In flower she still had soft stems and ugly leaves but she turned out some absolutely gorgeous & frosty buds. I've really noticed a big difference in trichrome production in my last two runs. I feel there are 4 contributing factors... 

  • I stopped using tap water altogether. I use rainwater 95% of the time and because of a frozen rain barrel I've used 5% Spring Water. 
  •  I bought a new bulb. I have a convertible ballast and I switched from a 600 watt HPS to  a 600 Metal Halide which provided more blue spectrum.
  • I used a super soil I made using The Rev's 2.1 recipe & cooked it for over 60 days. 
  • The nutes I used were 95% Organic. I used a little bit of Aurora Soul when I had a nutrient deficiency. Aurora Soul is a mix of  both synthetic and organic nutes.
  • I fertilized  this current run using great organic tea recipes I found in The Rev's True Organic Living book which I picked up for $20 and is well worth it. 

My plants this run received LESS care, TLC, LST & nutes because I've been super busy trying to get this site & store together plus working and crafting....Maybe less IS more... 

               THIS IS THE PROGRAM & I'M STICKING TO IT. ORGANIC WEED IS THE                                                                    BEST!